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Their songwriting is uplifting, heroic and simple, but hearken back to the time of

Gene Autry and Roy Rogers...

Meet the Farmer & Adele

.With the sounds of classic songwriting in their music and the future in their sights, The Farmer & Adele are reimaging the modern cowboy/cowgirl while respecting its beginnings. Based out of Nashville, TN, The Farmer & Adele – led by Grace Adele and Keenan Wade – leads the pack of a new wave of musicians revitalizing western swing music. With a star-studded record, award nominations and their own morning radio show, The Farmer & Adele are a one-two punch of classic meets modern.


The band’s debut effort, Into the Wide Open Sky, combines original compositions rooted in familiar styles of the American landscape. Traces of classic country, jazz and Tin Pan Alley songwriting interweave throughout the group’s top-notch musicianship. The record also features a collaborative guest appearance from Grammy Award-winning western swing icons Riders In The Sky, who back the band throughout the album’s eight tracks.


The Farmer & Adele also host their own daily radio show. “On The Trail with The Farmer & Adele” features cuts of classic tunes and original songs performed by the band. The segment regularly brings in guest hosts who share a love of cowboy music including Ranger Doug of Riders In The Sky, Lisa Sutton (Lynn Anderson’s daughter), and Reluctant Cowboy Chris Bauer, among others. The show is sponsored by D’Addario and airs worldwide every morning on WSM Route 650 Americana. The band is also featured regularly on 650 AM WSM as the house band during the station’s Grand Ole Opry pre-show and live radio spot coverage.


The Farmer & Adele have also quickly rooted themselves into the fabric of music communities near and far. Into the Wide Open Sky was selected to be featured as part of Nashville Public Library’s Boombox series, a closely curated music collection highlighting the best artists in Nashville. Most recently, the band was nomination by the Ameripolitan Music Awards for Best Western Swing Group. Also, their annual Country and Western Christmas Party tour is a beloved tradition that travels annually nationwide, featuring classic Christmas tunes, original holiday songs and their own take on The Nutcracker with a western swing twist.

© 2018 Farmer & Adele. All Photography by Daniel Lewis and Jared Manzo

Farmer & Adele - Ameripolitan Music Festival - Memphis, TN

Be sure to vote for Farmer Keenan for Western Swing Male and The Farmer & Adele for Western Swing Group of the Year! Visit www.ameripolitan.com to vote today! 

Show: 9pm

Farmer & Adele - Hernando's Hideaway - Memphis, TN

Farmer & Adele - Western Swing Out Weekender - Tehachapi, CA

Farmer & Adele - Natalie's - Worthington, OH

Farmer & Adele - Roy Rogers Festival - Portsmouth, OH

Live on the Roy Rogers Esplanade in downtown Portsmouth, Ohio.

Farmer & Adele - Blueberry Bluegrass Festival - Stony Plain, AB Canada

Farmer & Adele - Country Music Hall of Fame & Museum - Nashville, TN

Farmer & Adele - Country Music Hall of Fame & Museum - Nashville, TN

Farmer & Adele - Bluegrass Jamboree Tour - Germany

Bluegrass Jamboree Tour begins in Germany November 17 – December 13, 2020.  Venues TBA

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