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Meet the Farmer & Adele

With the sounds of classic songwriting in their music and the future in their sights, The Farmer & Adele are reimagining the modern cowboy/cowgirl while respecting its beginnings. Based out of Nashville, TN, The Farmer & Adele – led by Grace Adele and Farmer Keenan – leads the pack of a new wave of musicians revitalizing western swing music. From garnering multiple awards to developing a one-of-a-kind live puppet show, The Farmer & Adele are a classic-meets-modern band that is entertaining for all ages.


With two Ameripolitan Awards under their belts (2019 Western Swing Female of the Year and 2020 Western Swing Band of the Year), The Farmer & Adele continue to innovate with each project.  After the success of their daily radio show, “On The Trail with The Farmer & Adele,” the group has since released a children’s album, Songs For Lil' Cowpokes and has plans for another full-length album to be released in 2024 titled Old + New Western Classics.


Also, their annual Country and Western Christmas Party tour is a beloved tradition that travels annually nationwide, featuring classic Christmas tunes, original holiday songs and their own take on The Nutcracker with a western swing twist – which they recently released as a single with Paul Kowert of The Punch Brothers.


And staying true to their multidisciplinary approach to western swing, the group is currently developing a live puppet show - with Nashville Metro Arts - focused on food sustainability, roots music, and celebrating our differences. Co-written with Texas Bix Bender of Riders Radio Theatre fame, the show features a colorful cast of characters including Hank Snowpea, Elvis Parsley, Tater Swift, and many more.

Their songwriting is uplifting, heroic and simple, but hearken back to the time of

Gene Autry and Roy Rogers...

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